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Now taking remix requests!

2009-07-16 17:12:01 by Godzidra

That's right! Name any song from a video game and I'll do my best to remix and I'll put it in the audio portal! (If I think it's good enough that is.) Post quick though because when I make a new news post I won't take anymore requests until I decide to start this up again. Thanks for looking at my account and I hope I can do your requests.

Oh, and if any of you have a special remix request that you need for a game or animation, PM me or try and catch me on my AIM and if I can I'll make it a top priority on my to remix list.


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2009-09-25 12:56:12

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE MAKE A good remix of the sonic riders zero gravity theme ungravitify. the only one on newgrounds is terrible! with vocals too please.