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Now taking remix requests!

2009-07-16 17:12:01 by Godzidra

That's right! Name any song from a video game and I'll do my best to remix and I'll put it in the audio portal! (If I think it's good enough that is.) Post quick though because when I make a new news post I won't take anymore requests until I decide to start this up again. Thanks for looking at my account and I hope I can do your requests.

Oh, and if any of you have a special remix request that you need for a game or animation, PM me or try and catch me on my AIM and if I can I'll make it a top priority on my to remix list.

What to do when bordom stikes.

2009-04-27 17:56:55 by Godzidra

Hello, and welcome to what to do when bordom stikes. First of all thank you for looking at my account now prepared to be enlightend!

When bordom stikes here's what you can do...
1. Play video games trying to get all the achievments for a game.
2. Watch random crap on youtube, find something you like and spam in the comment section.
3. Time how long it takes you to get your comment marked as spam.
4. Try and figure out something cool/fun you can learn how to do.
5. Spend some time trying to figure out how to do it without tutorials.
6. If you fail go on youtube or just search for some tutorials.
7. Study for school. (Warning: Only do this if your a trained professional)
8. Read a book. (Same warning as above)
9. Watch a flash movie.
10.Watch every new flash submission until all the titles are blacked out.
11.Rate every one.
12.Do the same with the audio portal.
13.Start an extremely long download for no apparent reason.
14.Rick roll your whole family one by one including pets.
15.Make a video and post on youtube saying "Omg, woot u shud totly vot 5 for mai video!"
16.Mark everyone who comments as spam.
17.Reply and say "Ha ha your so funny 'insert name here'!"
18.Get a job.
19.Go to a resturant and smile at everyone trying to creep them out.
20.Prank call some people. (Only fun if you record it or have friends over)
21.Try and get you parents or grand-parents to play a video game with you.
22.Start a chain mail.
23.Make a post on your account like this.
24.Read this post this far.
25.And after all of this you should be unbored.

If your still bored after you did all of this then, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, WHY CAN'T YOU DO SOMETHING USEFUL WITH YOUR TIME!!!!!

Lol, thanks again for checking out my account and give yourself a big hug and/or pat on the back if you read this whole post.


A slight delay.

2008-11-08 14:01:55 by Godzidra

I was working on Stick Fight II but then I went to the forum and I was looking for some stuff to help me out (some tips) and I got side tracked and I.... *continues rambling on*

*Gasps* So basically I joined a collab (The Stick Showdown Collab #4) and I'm working on a part so Stick Fight II may take a bit longer than expected.

Thanks for looking at my acount and stay tuned for the latest news on what I'm doing or working on!

Current Project!

2008-10-12 19:57:24 by Godzidra

Hey, whats up newgrounds! The current project I'm working on is Stick Fight II. I just started production on 10/12/08 so don't expect to see it for a while. Thanks for looking at my account and stay tuned for my animations.